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Services We Offers

We always aims to facilitate a pleasurable dining experience for its customers and planned a variety of distinctive gatherings including Weddings, Corporate events, Anniversaries, Birth / Kitty Parties, House Warming Ceremony, School / College Functions, etc.


We love walking extra miles and making guests impressed with beyond boundary service. For an ultimate dining experience, which is every person's ultimate desire, Sri Lalitha  is the right choice, which in turn makes the entire experience more tasteful and provides our clients with full or tailored services.


We have  a menu with lots of traditional and mouth-watering dishes.


Birthday & Kitty Parties

We also organize the arrangement for the birthday parties and kitty parties.



We have special kind of dishes 

and cakes for making your anniversary more memorable.



Public Gatherings

We also organize the feast for all kinds of gatherings and functions.


House Warming Events

We also arrange house warming events with delicious dishes.


All Kinds of Events & Parties 


We have a different menu for all kinds of events and function with 100% Purity and hygiene.

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